Nonfiction Book-Writing and Publishing Workshops with Quentin Schultze

by Quentin Schultze

Quentin Schultze at the start of another great book-writing and publishing workshop.

My workshop will help you write nonfiction trade books for publication. The nonfiction trade book business is changing quickly because of the growth of new distribution and retail outlets (from Amazon to Target), the rise of smaller, independent publishers, the growth of ebooks, the ongoing role of literary agents, and the emergence of short-form titles such as Amazon Singles. New nonfiction writers need to know how to navigate the publishing waters in order to be successfully published.

Workshop costs include special handouts. Read typical testimonials from previous attendees. Generally an organization (e.g., a college, university, or writer’s group) sponsors the workshop and pays me to offer it. Then the organization can decide how many to invite to the workshop and whether or not to charge a registration fee.

So why attend my workshop? You will:

  • Receive practical advice for developing a nonfiction book concept that will serve readers.
  • Gain the research skills and knowledge necessary for determining the likely markets for your book.
  • Learn how to write a query letter and book proposal that will gain the attention and generate the interest of agents and publishers.
  • Discover effective ways of organizing your thoughts, notes, and files for productive writing, revision, and editing.
  • Know how to establish an engaging writing style fitting for your manuscript and readers.
  • Find out how to solicit solid feedback on your manuscript, improve your manuscript while writing it, and boost its marketability.
  • Increase your confidence in getting published by learning how the nonfiction book publishing business really works.
  • Learn how to work effectively with a co-author or collaborator if you don’t have the time or desire to complete your book on your own.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss the possibility of having me offer a workshop in your area—or if you’d like to attend one here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I periodically offer them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Quentin Schultze, PhD

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