An Essential Guide to Public Speaking — Reviews

by Quentin Schultze

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“Schultze’s book is grounded in ancient and modern insights of what communication can be when we develop character and community alongside skill. In a concise, accessible style, he introduces the fundamentals of public communication as part of a larger, more important calling to serve others with our lives.”
Nathan Baxter, Ph.D., Gordon College, Communication Professor

“The emphasis on skill over virtue is ruining public discourse. Schultze has come to our aid, succinctly combining the richness of rhetorical theory with a Christian perspective on stewardly discourse, making the classical ideals of wisdom and eloquence accessible to adults of all ages.”
Nneka Ofulue, Ph.D., University of Maryland, Communication Professor

“There is a lot more to speaking than getting the right words and pronouncing them correctly. Who we are and the way we speak make all the difference. Every time we open our moths, Christian truth and community are on the line. Quentin Schultze is a skilful guide and wise instructor as he helps us to acquire a voice that speaks in consonance with the God who speaks — to speak in such a way that truth is told and community formed.”
Eugene H. Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

“While the book is presented at an introductory level, I found it to be profoundly informed by a gracious and humble theology that emphasizes respect, virtue, and a sense that God leads people to speak truthfully of his Word and ways…. At 112 colorful pages, this is not a lengthy or difficult book. It will be found helpful by anyone interested in the subject of Christian public speaking, including those of us who preach.”
Kent Anderson, (Aug. 17, 2006)

“Anyone who teaches public communication at a Christian college or university will want to read this book. Anyone interested in applying biblical concepts to rhetorical practice needs to read this book. Anyone committed to the integration of faith and learning must read this book.”
Martin J. Medhurst, Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communications

“Over the years, I’ve read a number of books on public speaking. In this category, An Essential Guide to Public Speaking is my top pick.”
PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

“This slim little book is … highly recommended to all who preach!”
Scott Hoezee, On Preaching by Scott Hoezee

“The following are books I’ve recently read and am pleased to recommend to you.”
Pat Williams, Pat Williams Motivate

“For This faith-based guide is a valiant effort to focus speechwriters and public speakers on quality and ethics. Quentin Schultze reminds us that the biblical context — speech as a gift and a responsibility for the service of our neighbors — has nearly vanished and we must refocus. This helpful guide does just that.”
Rich DeVos, Co-Founder and Past President of Amway Corp. (now Alticor Inc.), Owner and Chairman, NBA Orlando Magic

“For a long time I have been looking for a short, inspiring book that not only talks about the skills of effective speaking, but also revives the art of public speaking as a virtuous practice. An Essential Guide to Public Speaking does just that. It calls us to reclaim Augustine’s vision of ethical, effective speechmaking and shows us how to do this in today’s diverse world.”
Mary Darling, Spring Arbor University, Communication Professor

” I was compelled to write and let you know that your book, An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, was truly a gift of your expertise to my hungry heart.”
Jorrie L. Muniz, President, The Relationship Resource Group

“Quentin Schultze has done it again! This special book, written by one of the most original and profound authors I know, takes a fresh look at public speaking as ‘servant-speaking’. My students love his call for communication that builds meaningful relationships rather than just performances or arguments. His retelling of Augustine’s own transformation into a servant speaker is beautifully told and highly relevant for today. A must-read for everyone who wants to use speech to serve rather than manipulate audiences.”
Kathleen O. Sindorf, Cornerstone University, Communication and Media Studies Professor

“Most public speaking books are short on ethics and long on skills. Schultze has saved the day by returning rhetoric to its righteous roots — to good as well as effective speech. He weaves a thoughtful and humble Christian perspective through all elements of the speech-making process, from selecting a topic to doing Q&A after the speech. His “servant speaking” approach will rightly change the way we speak publicly and the way we teach public speaking. I know of no better guide to good, effective speaking.”
Robert Hubbard, Ph.D. , Northwestern College (IA), Theatre Professor

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